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Through rapid service response and a strong focus on customer satisfaction, EMD has been providing competitive and high quality products and services for a large number of power plants and other industries.

Company Summary

  • Founded in March 2017, EMD specializes in the distribution and exportation of top-quality nuclear qualified and standard equipment & components intended for thermal & nuclear power plants and other industries;

  • EMD works directly in partnership with a large number of European manufacturers to offer a competitive price and responsive service to fit customers’ needs on power plant maintenance, resupply and operational spare parts, new build projects, etc.

  • EMD provides also engineering support service to help customers identify the right components to be procured, and where applicable, offer a strategy to substitute obsolete products.

Core compentencies

  • Strong team with over 15 years of deep experience in nuclear business covering project management, engineering, procurement, quality inspection and logistic operations ;
  • Excellent relationship built with previous industrial business partners (customers and manufacturers) ;
  • Comprehensive understanding of nuclear safety related contract and claim management with suppilers and partners ;
  • Solid knowledge of nuclear quality assurance and nuclear safety culture awareness ;
  • Good knowledage of export control procedures and regulations for nuclear-related equipment (dual use items, etc.)

Value Chain

Service provided by EMD are essential in adding value to deliver top quality products.

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EMD Distribution et Service

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EMD Distribution et Service

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